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We have 3 crane toilets and 2 out of the 3 tanks have spontaneously ruptured in the the past year with the most recent one in August while we were at work so it flooded a good portion of our house and caused over $17K of damage.

The first tank ruptured in 2013 but unfortunately we did not retain the tank or take any pictures since we had no idea that a year later we would be dealing with another tank rupturing. However, the first tank’s rupture occurred in the top side when nobody was using it. We were only lucky in that we were at home and heard the pop sound and water running so we were able to shut the valve off before too much damage had occurred. This tank was in our bathroom next to our kitchen.

On August 20, 2014, the second commode ruptured between the hours of 8 am and 12 pm in the morning and was discovered when we came home for lunch and as you will see by the documents and pictures I have attached, it creating quite a bit of damage. This tank is still in our possession as I am considering having the porcelain tested since I feel certain that there tanks have come out of a batch of flawed tanks that may have been created during the manufacturing process.

The rupture on this tank occurred at the main hole and split out past both of the bolt holes. The bolts were not tightened too tight since my husband was able to remove them without any tools.

Our 3rd bathroom tank has also been removed since we feel that 2 out of 3 tanks is a pretty good indicator that we will have another one fail and coincidentally, the two toilet tanks that we do have in our possession have the EXACT same manufacturing date of December 13, 1995, which also supports my theory that the tanks are flawed. (see the enclosed pictures 121 and 003)

I am requesting that Crane refund us our deductible in the amount of $2,748 due to the damaged caused by the substandard toilet tank rupturing. I would hope that you will do the right thing and if you would like the defective tank you can arrange to have it shipped from my house.

This has been very disruptive and costly to our lives since we have had to *** many hours from work to babysit contractors, obtain carpet and wood samples, etc, etc.

I've tried to contact Crane and was immediately dismissed by the Customer Service Agent that the bolts were too tight, which was not correct since they required no tools at all to remove them.

I've been trying to find an email to send them documents but mysteriously they do not publish one. So much for Customer Service.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $2748.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Poor customer service.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1266285

I have 2 Crane toilets. The exact same crack appeared in the downstairs bath.

I have had a difficult time finding a replacement tank. I will also replace the second tank before it goes also.


This same looking crack appeared in my master bath toilet tank when it was not in use and caused $20k in damage. That was two weeks ago.

Yesterday my neighbor had the same toilet in her house crack and flood. Something is up....

Plano, Texas, United States #949439

We had the same thing happen-3 of 4 toilets in our house broke for no reason and leaked water everywhere. We removed the 4th one knowing what was in store for us if we didn't.

2 of the toilets were on the second story and rarely even used except when guests visited.

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